Why you should get an Elevated Work Platform License

Elevating work platform EDD

If you work onsite, at some point you will come across hard to reach areas. So, what happens when your standard ladder can’t do the job?

Introducing the Elevated Work Platform (EWP).

Reaching over 11 meters, they make reaching heights a breeze! Why wouldn’t you get a license that makes your task a little easier? Plus, if you’re the only candidate with an EWP license, who do you think they’re going to come to for the job? You. i.e. more skills, more jobs!

But where there are pros, there are always cons!

There are a couple of hazards associated with EWP’s such as falling from a height and incorrect manual handling. What happens if you get up there, 11 meters in the air, and something goes wrong – would you know how to handle it? Better to be safe than sorry!

EWP’s are generally quite safe and have in-built safety features and emergency plans, but these are useless if you don’t know how to use them. It’s very important that you understand how to operate the machinery safely before attempting to use one – for the sake of you, and your employer!

So that’s where we come in!  Nara Training offers nationally accredited Elevated Work Platform training for beginners and experienced operators, ensuring that you understand how to be safe while using an EWP! Our courses are held in either Perth or Bunbury.

In this course, you will be provided with the theory and practical skills to operate an EWP, with full training and assessment. And of course, you will gain a license to operate a boom type elevating work platform with a boom length of 11 meters or more!

Held in our purpose built customised training facilities, you will be trained in:

  • Current legislation and requirements
  • Hazard identifications & risk management
  • Conducting routine checks, setting up, operating, shutting down and securing EWP
  • Correctly accessing, installing and using fall protection equipment

And it gets better! If you’re eligible for the Construction Training Fund (CTF) you could receive up to 80% off your course fee! Learn more here: https://www.naratraining.com.au/deals/ctf-discount/

Learn more or register for the EWP course below:

Perth – https://www.naratraining.com.au/courses/elevated-work-platform-training/boom-ewp-perth/
Bunbury – https://www.naratraining.com.au/courses/elevated-work-platform-training/licence-boom-ewp-bunbury/

Perth – https://www.naratraining.com.au/courses/elevated-work-platform-training/licence-boom-ewp-exp-perth/
Bunbury – https://www.naratraining.com.au/courses/elevated-work-platform-training/licence-boom-ewp-exp-bunbury/

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