6 Reasons Why Your Employees Need Forklift Training

6 Reasons Why Your Employees Need Forklift Training

1. It is Mandatory to Possess a License

Operating a forklift truck is classified as a high risk activity and therefore, it is mandatory for anyone operating a forklift at your workplace to possess a High Risk Work License issued by WorkSafe WA. It is as simple as that.

2. It Promotes Safety at the Worksite

Operating a forklift without a forklift license not only puts the operator in danger but other employees as well. For any business, the safety of its employees should be the number one priority. From a business point of view, promoting safety at the workplace can also avoid compliance issues and prosecutions. In 2013, a large manufacturing company was fined $35,000 when a worker received multiple fractures in his lower leg when a forklift reversed into him.  In 2016, another company was fined after a worker was crushed by a pallet being moved by a forklift. The worker in particular was struck when he was kneeling down to remove a product from another pallet. The accident resulted in broken ribs and a $35,000 fine for the company. So, long story short, forklift training is absolutely essential for anyone needing to operate a forklift in the workplace.

3. It Improves Efficiency

For any business, time is money and when it comes to employees, you want to hire workers who are efficient and add value to your company. Enrolling your employees in a forklift training course will allow you to do just that because it will teach them how to operate a forklift to transfer or transport goods in a steady and efficient manner without compromising on safety. Efficiency translates into better productivity and time saved both for your business.

4. It Minimizes the Chances of Damage to the Machines

Machinery is considered as an asset and an investment for any business. A single forklift should have costed your business anywhere between $15,000 to $30,000. To minimize or prevent damage to your machinery, enrolling your workers in a forklift training course will teach them how to operate a forklift correctly thus reducing the chances of costing your business thousands of dollar in repairs.

5. It Promotes Regular Machine Maintenance

Apart from learning how to operate a forklift, a forklift training course will also teach your workers how to care for a forklift machine and ensure it is in good working order. Similar to taking care of a personal vehicle, machine maintenance needs must be identified and attended to as soon as possible. This will prevent your business from having to pay for costly repairs when a machine breaks down. If a machine breaks down in the middle of a busy season, it will not only disrupt operations but also cause the business to lose out on opportunities for additional revenue.

6. It Will Boost Employee Confidence

One way to distinguish a trained forklift operator from a non-trained operator is by their confidence. Once your employees undergo forklift training, they will be more confident in operating a forklift and determined to operate the machine the correct way.

Nara Training’s nationally accredited Forklift training course delivered at our Perth and Bunbury sites will provide your workers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to operate a forklift truck safely and efficiently. We can also provide on-site training wherever your business is located in Western Australia. We offer both beginner’s Forklift training and a refresher Forklift training course for experienced participants. To learn more about the course or to make a booking, please visit our website or give us a call on 9722 4260.

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