What is Dogging?

What is Dogging?

Dogging work involves exercising judgement in the following aspects:

  • Selecting appropriate slinging methods and lifting gear by considering the load size and shape as well as determining the load weight and center of gravity.
  • Inspecting lifting gear such as slings, hooks, cables, chains and ropes used to attach loads to plant to ensure it is safe and not defective.
  • Directing a plant operator in the movement of a load when the load is out of the plant operator’s view by communicating with the plant operator using hand signals, whistles or two-way radios.

Who Does Dogging Work?

A person who carries out dogging work is called a Dogman or a Dogger. It is the Duty of Care of a person involved with the slinging of a load to ensure they hold a Dogging HRWL by completing a Dogging training course. Dogging work can also be carried out by a licensed Rigger who have successfully completed the Dogging units of competency in their Rigging training course.

When Is a Dogman Required?

We mentioned earlier that dogging requires judgement when slinging loads. Therefore, when the load is always in the view of the plant operator, a Dogman is not required. Confused? Let’s have a look at the below table which explains if a Dogman is required for different scenarios.

How We Can Help You
Slinging a load goes beyond just hooking up chains or cables. A Dogman need to have a strong understanding of the suitability of the lifting gear as well as which slinging method is most appropriate for the situation. Other factors to consider when slinging a load includes the nature of the load such as the mass and center of gravity. Nara Training & Assessing’s Dogging training course will teach you all of this and a whole lot more. With safety being at the centre of all our training courses, our Dogging training course will teach you how to move a load safely and efficiently. It is also worth noting that workers who are interested in a Dogging training course usually book our Combined Dogging and Basic Rigging course. Not only will this help you save 10% on course fees but also give you two High Risk Work Licenses which will boost your employment prospects further. If you are unsure about the differences between Dogging and Rigging, you can learn all about it in our article ‘Difference Between Dogging and Rigging.’

Upcoming Dogging Training Courses

Combined Dogging and Rigging Training Course

16 March – 24 March 2020
4 May – 12 May 2020
8 June – 16 June 2020

9 March – 17 March 2020
30 March – 7 April 2020
4 May – 12 May 2020
8 June – 16 June 2020

Dogging Training Course

11 May 2020 – 15 May 2020

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